eye Permalash Eyelash and Brow Dye for professional use only.

What you need for treatment

  • Eye make-up remover
  • Permalash Oxidant (specially prepared stabilized peroxide) or 10 vol peroxide.
  • Permalash Protecting papers or two thin layers of moist cotton wool.
• Two cotton buds • Vaseline • Small glass cup

Before treatment

picture of eyes

After treatment

picture of eyes

*Takes 5 minutes to appy
* Colour lasts for six weeks
* Perfectly safe to use
* No training necessary

directions of use

Directions for use

  1.   Thoroughly cleanse the lashes with Permalash Eye make-up remover which will gently remove all traces of mascara, grease and oil to ensure a perfect treatment.

  2.    Squeeze 1/4 inch of PERMALASH® into cup (glass or plastic) and mix with 4-5 drops of Oxidant or 10% vol. peroxide with a cotton bud into a smooth paste.

  3.    Apply some Vaseline around the eyebrows and on the upper eyelids with another cotton bud.

  4.   Apply some Vaseline to Protecting Papers or cotton wool shapes and place under each eye, the Vaseline touching the skin. Avoid Vaseline touching either eyebrow or eyelashes.

  5.    Cover eyelashes and eyebrows with the paste, without touching the skin around . Cover the eyes  with pads of cotton wool to keep out the light.

  6.    Leave the paste on the eyelashes from 5-15 minutes and on eyebrows for 1 minute only. Care must be taken not to leave the paste on eyebrows for too long, since too dark eyebrows tend to give the face a hard expression.

  7.    Remove cotton wool pads, together with Protecting Papers or cotton wool shapes when the time has elapsed. Eyes must remain closed until the last trace of paste has been removed from the eyelashes with cotton wool dipped in water and then patted dry.

  8.    The treatment should be repeated every 5 - 6 weeks.

  9.    PERMALASH® has been used successfully for a long time and has proved to be harmless to normal skin. Since some persons may be extra sensitive, it is recommended that a preliminary test be carried out 48 hous before use

A patch test should be carried out on each customer 24hr prior to tinting.

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